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Title: Artist Date #1
When: May 13
Description: I went shopping and got some clothes and makeup.
Rating: K+
Warnings: none

“You should buy all of them.”

“I don’t need all of them!”

“Please, everybody always needs more makeup, and your collection is rather lacking from what I have seen.”

“You’ve been snooping through my makeup collection?”

“Yes, and it’s lackluster.”

“Well I’m sorry that I don’t feel the need to go into debt due to makeup.”

“I have never gone into debt over makeup, thank you. I know how to manage money. And next week when you need a nice teal eyeshadow or a coral lipstick, you’ll really be wishing that you had listened to me.”

“I’ll just borrow what I need from you.”

“And because of that little statement right there, I’m gonna tell you no when you ask.”

Title: Artist Date #2
When: May 14
Description: Went to see Iron Man 3 and then grabbed some dinner after.
Rating: T
Warnings: none

“Dinner and a movie? Really? That’s so clichéd,” Mara says. She’s lying on her back, half-attempting to read her psych book, and watching Helena get ready for her date.

“Just because you don’t like William doesn’t mean you have to judge every little thing he does.”

“No, I think it really does.” Giving up on reading, she tosses the book to her side and rolls over on to her stomach. “I’m never going to like him you know, even if you’re together for fifty years and have seven kids and twenty grandkids, I’m still gonna hate him. I’ll be on my deathbed over in Russia bitching about how much I hate William.”

“Well then,” Helena says as she grabs her purse and coat, “I guess I had better get used to it. I’m off to go have fun on my clichéd date now. Have a nice night with your textbooks and the internet.”

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