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Title: Crossroad
Prompt: Future, premonition
Bonus? Y
Word Count: 253
Rating: T
Original/Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairings (if any) Endymion/Serenity
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): none
Summary: The future lingers in her mind

“What are we going to do about the future?” Serenity asks him one day. It’s not that she really wants to think about it; it’s that she feels constantly anxious these days as she just waits and waits for her world to come crashing down around her.

“The future?” Endymion repeats confusion filling his voice and his face.

“The future. We can’t keep going on like this.” She would like to, he would like to, but she doesn’t need Mars’s premonitions to know that that is impossible. They are stuck, in a crossroads of sorts. They can either break off everything and move on with their lives, attempting to forget the past few months, or they can reveal everything and deal with the massive fallout that will inevitably follow.

“Oh,” he says and tension fills his body. He is wound tight, tighter than she has ever seen anyone wound before. “Do we really have to talk about that now?”

She wants to say yes, demand action and action now. They will determine their fates and their futures here and now, and they will have no regrets.

But she can feel him, so tense and tight against her, and she is afraid, afraid of everything and everyone, but mostly of the future, so she says, “No.”

Endymion relaxes instantly, laughter and smiles returning to him, and a smile crosses her own face even as she feels sick, sicker than she ever has before.

But they can worry about the future another day, she hopes.

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