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Title: Riddles
Word Count: 15 | 401
Rating: T
Original/Fandom: original
Pairings (if any): knight/princess
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/Underage): none
Summary: A princess is kidnapped by a dragon, but thankfully a clever knight is ready to rescue her.

Magic, knight, Middle Ages, queens, kings, princess, stuck in a tower, dragon, rescue, fairy tale

Once upon a time, a princess was kidnapped by a fearsome dragon. The dragon had been tormenting her people for as long as anyone could remember, but never before had he been so bold as to kidnap the princess of the land.

The dragon took the princess and locked her up in a tower high in the mountains where the dragon kept all of his precious treasures.

The king and queen of the land were filled with grief when they learned of their daughter’s kidnapping and proclaimed that if anyone could rescue her, they would be able to marry her.

Many a knight set out to defeat the dragon as soon as they heard the proclamation and all were killed immediately by the dragon.

After learning of the fate his brethren, one final knight set out to defeat the dragon. He was a clever man who was well known for being a prankster as a child.

When the knight came to the tower, the dragon uncurled itself and let out a challenging roar. The knight greeted him kindly and told him that he had a challenge for him. Instead of trying to fight him, the knight would offer him a riddle, and if the dragon could answer it, he could as he pleased to the knight, but if he lost, the knight would be able to take the princess with him.

The dragon laughed and agreed as he was quite old and a great fan of riddles.

The knight recited the riddle:

I have put up with more than one body had to.
I had three souls all inside myself.
Two departed, and the third almost followed.

The dragon hemmed and hawed over it before declaring that it was a man possessed by a pair of demons.

The knight commended the dragon for his effort but declared that he was wrong for the answer was a woman bearing twins.

The dragon did not take the news of his loss well and attempted to kill the knight in spite of their deal. The knight was a clever man though and darted between the dragon’s legs and stabbed his sword into the underside of its neck, one of the few places that a dragon could be fatally wounded.

As the dragon lay dying, the knight entered the tower and stole the princess away, and upon their return to her kingdom, they were married.

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