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Title: Matching Pieces
Prompt: Word: Comfort
Word Count: 586
Rating: K+
Original/Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairings (if any): Endymion/Serenity
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/Underage): none
Summary: Like a pair of puzzle pieces, they match perfectly. Too bad it has to end soon.

Endymion is the source of all of her comfort these days. Everything about him is warming and welcoming and soothing. Coming to him is like coming home.

Serenity had never thought that she would ever find a person like Endymion let alone need one. She has seen people in love before but had never thought that she would ever have a relationship like that. Her mother had never been married, so it had never made sense to Serenity that she ever would. Besides, it wasn’t like she needed a husband not when she had her friends, unlike Venus who wanted more than anything to find love.

But then she had fallen into Endymion.

He is everything that she had always wanted but had never known that she wanted. The way he laughed and joked, his smile, the way their personalities and opinions matched and flowed together. He fit her so well like a pair of puzzle pieces coming together.

Her friends, her mother, her home, everything else in her life are just the puzzle pieces that she had tried to match up to her own piece only to discover that they didn’t match at all.

But while Serenity could just discard them in favor of Endymion, they didn’t want to leave her. Instead they stayed behind, lingering around her and anxiety clawing at her throat every time she sees one of them. It is a horrible, sickening feeling that makes her feel weak and ready to collapse and a pack of riotous butterflies fight in her stomach every time she is forced to interact with one of them. Every time she sees one of them, she wonders if maybe this won’t be the time when she is finally caught.

Venus already knows about her trips. Serenity is not foolish enough to believe that Venus believed her lies, and even if she had been the looks she gives her whenever they see each other would have quickly proved her wrong. She is only lucky that Venus hasn’t managed to get her alone again, but it is only a matter of time.

As it stands, Venus is the only one who knows for sure, but it won’t stay that way for long. Mars has been making references to visions she has been having about Earth, and Mercury is sure to see through the ruse soon enough. Jupiter may not be as intelligent as Mercury or see into the future like Mars, but she isn’t an idiot either, and she knows Serenity too well to fall for her lies for forever.

Everything seems to be falling apart around her. There is no way that Serenity can continue on like this forever. No way that she can prevent everyone from not finding out.

If she stops seeing Endymion, everything will be fine, but how can she give him up now?

Everything in her life will be easier if she leaves him, and she is sure that it will be the same for him, but she can’t leave him now.

Endymion ruins everything, but he is the only thing keeping her together. He is her source of strength and her source of comfort, and how can she live when she knows what she is missing out on?

Before, she didn’t know what she was missing, but if she leaves him now, she would know.

Pulling Endymion closer to her, she takes comfort in him despite knowing that this will have to end soon but unwilling to give it up just yet.

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