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Title: Cold Butterflies of Sanditon 1970
Word Count: 307
Rating: K+
Original/Fandom: Sanditon
Pairings (if any): none
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/etc): none
Summary: The butterflies threaten to destroy everything that Mr. Park has ever tried to make Sanditon into.

It’s the butterflies that send Mr. Parker and Lady Denham into their tizzy. Massive butterflies that fill the town despite it being winter and eating everything they land on. Sanditon is their child, a fifth one to Mr. Parker and the only one Lady Denham has ever needed, and to see the butterflies destroying their life’s work fills them with a crazed passion that nothing can stop.

“A bizarre breed,” the entomologist they call in proclaims. “Very bizarre indeed. I have never seen a breed that lives during the winter and eats like this.”

Charlotte finds the butterflies fascinating, on par with the other attractions of the quaint town, unlike the rest of the people in the town. Even Edward, who prefers to spend his time with his extensive music collection instead of paying attention to the town’s affairs, is concerned, and his sister is doing an admirable job of feigning concern.

Sickly Diana Parker has set out to restore the town in spite of her health, spending hours making costly phone calls all across the country to speak to people who know anything about extermination, people who might want to vacation in the town during the summer holiday, and then reporting it all back to her brother.

“Two families,” Mr. Parker tells them one night, “my sister Diana has found two families to vacation here this summer, we may be saved after all.” He looks ready to cry as he speaks, a look of salvation of his face.

Charlotte is silent as he and his family celebrate, a gentle smile gracing her lips. She can’t help but think that despite their efforts to get rid of the butterflies that they would have had more success in making Sanditon into the vacation town of their dreams if they had let the preternatural insects stay in the town.

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