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Title: The Tallest Tower | Hunter of Light | The Greatest Jewel of them All
Word Count: 81 | 63 | 56
Rating: K
Original/Fandom: original, original, Tortall
Pairings (if any) none, none, implied Jon/Thayet
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): none

Falling from a sixty-story building should kill you. In my case though, I happen to end up with a brand set of superpowers. Which is pretty awesome, aside from the fact that Iapetus, super villain extraordinaire and would be murdered of me, has decided that I would make an awesome sidekick, and I’m not too sure if I can trust the actual superheroes either.

College is a time of new beginnings, but this wasn’t really the beginning I was looking for.

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Jessamine who went into the woods…

When she finds her best friend’s father dead and her friend missing, Jessamine sets out on a quest to find her. With her father’s huntsman as her only companion, she travels deeper and deeper into the forest, discovering the horrors there and the ones that plague her home.

Tortall was a place to start over. Unfortunately for Thayet, by choosing Alanna as her friend she could no longer escape society’s notice. With Alanna disappearing into Carthak to look for her brother, Thayet is stuck with one of the most powerful magical artifacts in the world and the mostly unwanted attentions of the new king.

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